Shaolin Kung fu is the greatest martial art in the world because it has produced the largest number of generals and masters in history, has the most extensive techniques, skills and philosophy, enriches people’s life and leads to spiritual fulfilment.


Why is best?

  • Is Kung Fu actually effective?
    The short answer is yes, it can be effective, but also, yes, many people are overconfident. Kung fu has developed a lot of training methods that don’t give feedback the way sparring or live pad drills do, so it’s possible, and even common for practitioners to have zero self-awareness of their own combat ability.


Kung Fu Training

  • Kung Fu training improves flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, speed and endurance as well increasing over all cardiovascular fitness and toning muscular system. Unlike any other form of exercise/activity, martial arts offer the added benefit of self defence.

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