Adaptive Martial Arts Program 

Autism / ADD-ADHD / Down Syndrome / Blindness / Paralyzation /MS, and other impairment/Disabilities

Strength doesn’t come from  what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t …

  • Don’t miss the opportunity to make a big change in their live. 
  • Kung-Fu,Kickboxing offers therapeutic rewards and parents will enjoy the fact that their child can participate in activities that other kids take for granted. 
  • Either in group sessions or personal classes, it just may be the perfect activity to consider. 

Why Martial Arts…?

  • The relationship between martial arts and special needs has been getting a lot of attention in the past decade. With a constant search for effective therapies and activities for special needs children, the martial arts have begun to establish themselves as a positive aid in the lives of these kids and adults. Many studies have shown what we, as martial artists, have known for a while.
  • How will Martial Arts help your kid
  • Improving focus, balance, self-confidence and self- control. Positively affecting motor activity.
  • One of the most important skills is to “teach the concept of personal victory”.
  • Improving cardiovascular fitness, decreasing negative behaviors and increasing their ability to play.
  • Improving coordination, perseverance and communication skills.

The program

  • The students are trained in a fun environment to focus, pay attention and have a high level of discipline. The instructors use different “class management skills” such as taking a person approach, creating a positive climate, reinforcing positive behavior and giving realistic praise.
  •  Prior research has helped better define physical activity barriers in this population which include: requiring parental supervision, lack of accessible programs, seasonal activities and reduced physical skills of the child.  Martial Arts are an indoor activity that can be performed at different skill levels without parental involvement.